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Sell Your House Fast NZ!

At Sell My House Fast, We Buy Houses for Cash Nationwide. You Can Sell Your House Without Spending Any Money!

No Repairs. As-Is Where Is. Quick, Easy Home Sale!

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Get Your All Cash Offer Today

Tell us about your house to receive a no-obligation all-cash offer. DON’T MISS OUT!

sell my house fast without spending money

Sell Without Spending Any Money

sell your house fast for cash new zealand

No Expensive Commissions or Hidden Fees

sell house fast

No Stress Headaches or Hassles 

sell my home fast

Guaranteed Cash Offer For Your Home

No Repairs

sell house as is

Leaky roof, HVAC not working, smashed windows, or peeling paint. We buy houses as-is so you can sell fast. 

We Buy Houses As Is Where Is

selling house without real estate agent

No Repairs means selling your house AS IS WHERE IS. We will buy your house in any condition.

No Delays

sell my house fast no delays

Sell your home fast or when you need because we pay cash for houses ELIMINATING appraisals, surveys and inspections. This leads to an extremely home sale.

Reviews From People Who Sold Their Homes To Us in NZ

selling my house fast
sold my house fast
selling house fast

Our home-buying company, “SELL MY HOUSE FAST” was born and raised in New Zealand. As a kiwi owned and operated business, we give fair dinkum cash offers every time. Check out these reviews from happy sellers across the country who found selling property to us was quick and easy. 

Sell My House Fast Made in New Zealand

How Do We Buy Houses FAST In New Zealand?

Step 1

contact us to get cash offer started today

Contact Us

Fill out our online form and we will look at the details of your house and run comps.

Step 2

get quick cash offer today

Get Your Offer

Our offer is based on fair market value, so NO LOWBALLS and includes buying your house in “AS-IS” condition.

Step 3

sell your house fast

Close on Your Timeline

You pick the closing date. We do all the paperwork. Get paid cash when you close.

"Needed to Sell My House Fast...It Was So Easy!"

We bought Steve and Alison’s inherited property and we want to buy your house too. 


need to sell my house fast nz

“My brother and I wanted to sell our family home that we inherited and didn’t want to spend any money. There were too many repairs like the furnace didn’t work and the kitchen and bathrooms were outdated and dirty. Finding Sell My House Fast was a blessing because they gave us a fair offer, bought the house as-is, and paid cash. We didn’t even have to clean.

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We Buy Houses
“Sell My House Fast For Cash”
New Zealand's Cash Home Buyer

We buy houses in New Zealand and we are experienced cash home buyers. We give people the information they need to make informed decisions so they can sell any New Zealand real estate fast for cash and move on with their life.

Experienced Private Buyers Providing Multiple Solutions

As private buyers we want to make the process simple and fast. Our goal is to offer you multiple options for selling fast. We can help so you can sell your home fast or we can buy your home fast for cash. 

Best of all, it is all available under one roof!

Let’s take a look at more benefits of a quick cash sale and the multiple options we can get your house sold.

we buy houses new zealand sell house cash

Selling Your House For Cash Is Quick And Painless

No Obligation Cash Offer

We by homes fast for cash! Skip the ordeal of listing your New Zealand house with our Cash Offer Program, the guaranteed way to sell your house fast.

Sell Your House As Is Where Is

Imagine selling your New Zealand property without having to make repairs. Our offers come with no contingencies or strings attached! Get cash fast because we buy houses as-is, where is.

Close The Sale Quickly

You can move as quickly as 7 days from today or on the date you choose when you use our Cash Offer option. Whether we buy your property or help sell your home, you set your timelines.

they paid cash closed fast made selling my house easy

"They Paid Cash, Closed Fast, Made Selling Easy."

“I needed to sell my property fast and didn’t have time or money to list or find a real estate agent. As a private home buyer, these guys were so kind and professional. Their cash offer was fair and unconditional. They were extremely flexible with the closing date because I had to change the closing twice. Selling my house was so quick and easy. I’m glad I teamed up here to sell my house and you should too.

How To Sell My House Fast In New Zealand?

If you choose to sell your home to us you have choices. When we buy your house you can choose the closing day, and whether the cash offer is fair. Our buying method has it’s merits and we can tailor a solution to make selling your house a quick, easy, and satisfying experience.

You can sell your house directly to us for cash. This is easily the fastest way to sell your house because there is no home loan in a private cash sale. 

House for Sale? Sell Your House Quickly to a Private Home Buyer

Do you have a house for sale? Let’s take a close look at your options. 

Clearly, you’re a homeowner looking to make a logical decision to sell your house in a manner that best suits your situation. Getting rid of a property for cash doesn’t make you desperate instead it shows you have determined your time is best used somewhere else instead of getting lowball offers and time wasted by tire kickers.

There are advantages to selling for cash top a trusted private home buyer.

sell your house direct for cash

Sell Direct For Cash

BEST FOR: If you need to sell your house fast for any reason this is the quickest way to cash out. 

The quickest and simplest way to get rid of any real estate. We will buy your house as-is where is through a private sale. We will close very quickly, and it will be 100% cash paid to you. You can sell your house in less than a week!

benefits of a quick cash sale

Sell Your NZ House Without A Real Estate Agent

You can sell your house without a real estate agent in New Zealand. Many home-owners are choosing to sell without a realtor because of the massive benefits and cost savings

Competitive Cash Offer Within A Day.

As a private home buyer you can fill out our online form so we can put together a fair bid to buy your house for cash. 

NO Listing, NO Showings, NO Open Homes.

Chose a cash sale to avoid ongoing cleaning and inconveniences of showings. 

Selling Your House Without An Agent.

You can sell your house without an agent in New Zealand. Another benefit of a cash sale so you can quickly move on. 

NO Inspections, NO Repairs, NO Delays.

We are experienced private home buyers so don’t need inspections. Selling fast cash avoids these expenses and delays.

NO Fees, NO Commissions, No Closing Costs.

Put more money in your pocket because a cash sale eliminates ALL 3rd parties, a loan or mortgage, and their costs. 

PLUS to make it even more profitable we pay all the closing costs!

You Choose Your Closing Day.

You pick the day you sell. No matter how quick you need us to buy your house we’re ready because we have cash in the bank. Work with us and you pick the day you sell. Sell your house in less than 1 week if you need. 


can i sell my house fast to a cash home buyer

Can I Sell My House Fast To A Cash Home Buyer In New Zealand?

Yes, you can sell your fast fast for cash to a private home buyer AKA a cash home buyer in New Zealand.

To begin the sale of your property all you need to do is send us a few details about your New Zealand property. You can get your cash offer within 24 hours because we buy houses fast for cash and it starts with a quick and fair offer.

Have questions? Then check out our FAQ section here. 

How We Quickly Buy Houses In New Zealand

We will buy your house based 100% on your needs. If you need to sell fast we can close in 7 days. If you don’t agree with siblings on what to fix on your inheritance we’ll buy it without you having to fix anything.

We quickly buy houses because we are flexible in how we purchase them.

The Reason I Need To Sell Is Unusual, Will You Buy My House?

Selling a house is one of the most stressful events a person will ever go through. This is magnified when there is added pressure in your life. Regardless of the situation the property is facing, we can buy your house from you.

We buy houses in all situations including but not limited to inherited homes, mother-in-laws and father-in-laws, parents, probate, divorce, and more.

we buy inherited houses 1

Sell Inherited Property

Don’t get bogged down caring for a property that was gifted to you. If the estate is in probate or you have fully inherited the property we want to buy it from you. 

sell fast behind on mortgage

Behind On The Mortgage.

Behind on payments, facing foreclosure? Don’t loose your equity because we’ll close fast and take care of the lenders. 

sell your house to relocate


New job perhaps? Does a family member need care across the country? We have got you covered with multiple options whatever the need to sell quickly is. 

sell your rental house for cash

Want To Sell A Rental Property?

Tired of being a landlord or want to upgrade your rental portfolio? Bad tenants, renters not paying rent, or destroyed your rental? 

sell your ugly home we buy ugly houses

House Is Really Ugly!

Is your house the ugly duckling on the street? Regardless of what it looks like we’ll buy your home and transform it into a swan. 

sell your house cash too many repairs

Too Many Repairs To Deal With.

Costly repairs like a leaky roof, old drafty windows, or fire damage? We buy flood-damaged houses and earthquake-damaged houses too.

sell house to divide assets divorce

Divorced Or Split Up.

If you’re going through divorce or splitting up our buying process lets you sell fast for cash and quickly objectively divide the assets. 

sell in laws house to anthem realty

Sell In-Laws House

You can sell your in-laws house to us. If you have power of attorney or just helping facilitate the sale we can make the deal happen.

we buy houses with liens and back

Property Taxes and Liens

Let us deal with the headache and clear any back taxes or violations your house may have. 

You can sell any property in any situation at any time because we buy houses fast for cash!

Our job is to buy your house and return it to it’s glory with a tasteful rehab! You don’t even have to tell us why you need to sell. We are here to help with an offer that makes sense to you.  Fill out our online for and we’ll work out your best cash offer tailored to your needs. Don’t Miss Out!

cash home buyer

The Best Home Buyer In NZ Because Hard Working, Deal Honored, And Strict Timeline Met

“I’m so impressed with the entire process from the time I filled out the basic form until we closed. Their communication throughout was great because I knew what was happening at any given moment. They even pulled in another investor so that they could pay me more cash. From keeping us informed to keeping their word I can’t say enough because they are a genuine and kind home-buying company that worked tirelessly to keep to our strict schedule. I would recommend them as a home buying company to any of my family or friends.”

Sell Faster Because We're New Zealand's Number One Private Home Buyer

Not quite sure how you want to sell your house here in New Zealand? Work with us because we are a real estate investment company with unique solutions for selling your New Zealand home. 

As the home-owner, you get to make the deal by choosing the sale date and negotaite the offer.  

We will listen to your situation and make sure you understand your options.

Our goal is to give you all the information so then you decide if and when we buy your house. 

We have many ways we work with homeowners and combined with over 2 decades of experience in the real estate industry you can rest assured that you are in very capable hands. 

Where We Buy Houses In New Zealand

We wouldn’t be the best home-buying company in your area if we didn’t buy houses near you, right? Because of this, we buy houses all across New Zealand and all neighboring areas, suburbs, neighborhoods, and cities. In fact, our fast buying service allows us to close all across Aotearoa.

Because we provide an all-inclusive simple selling experience we will buy your house in any part of NZ.

Types of Real Estate We Buy in NZ

We buy houses, duplexes, triplexes, and multifamily properties. We buy land and vacant lots too. If you have a transportable home, prefab home, modular house, or townhouse we can buy that also.

It doesn’t matter what type of real estate you have or what house prices are doing because as a full-service cash home-buying company you can sell it to us regardless of what the housing market is doing.

Selling A House For Cash In New Zealand FAQ's

How can I sell my house fast for the most money in NZ?

The way to sell your house fast for the most money is first to determine the best selling strategy for you which is often selling your house privately. As an experienced house-buying company we have created amazing options for you to choose between. You decide the best way to sell your house.  Sell fast, sell for the most money, or somewhere in between. It’s all about picking the deal that works best for you. 

The Easiest Way To Sell Your NZ House Privately Starts Here

You have come this far and taken the time to research the best way to sell your house privately and now you must take the next step. Contact us and you’ll be making the right choice and starting toward the easiest way to sell your New Zealand home, hands down! We guarantee we will purchase your home swiftly and without fuss. It all starts with an all-cash offer which you can get started here!

Contact Us to Sell Your NZ Home Quickly

Submit our online form and we’ll work tirelessly to craft the best answer so you can sell your home satisfactorily and move forward with your life. Take the first step towards the quickest, easiest, and most transparent way to sell your New Zealand house.